happy belated summer!

i don't know about you, but it felt like it took a little longer for summer to arrive this year. or rather that it couldn't decide whether it was coming or going. but it is finally here, in all it's humid glory! and we are loving it {hence the mini-sabtacle}! here are some fun snapshots of what summer adventures we've been up to thus far...

in the rainy, cold...
homemade rocketblasters
museum of aviation

museum of aviation meets eva extraordinare

our motorcade... or gang, we can't decide. :)
and in the sunny, sun, sun...
boat ride

rainbow sticks
wine bladder fun for sore tummies

super daddy... all four kids & the dog tied to the side :)

canada day!

strawberry picking ... and eating!

strawberry pie, strawberry smoothie,
strawberry muffins oh my!

the old made new again... who knew garbage day
could turn out so well!

mean stairs meet brave boy
car wash

 hope you're all summer lovin'!

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