lessons in the losses

lesson #3: the weapon of mass destruction

i have recently began rereading mahave chavda's book "the hidden power of speaking in tongues" and I am ever remind of this particular weapon of mass destruction. i call it that because it is able to destruct any fowl mood or temper, arrest terrible thoughts and overwhelming emotion, able to recharge and energize, equip and empower - i love my renewed revelation.

when i was first baptized in the spirit, i spoke in tongues all the time, but now that the novelty has worn off and there are so many more distraction in day now that i have 3 kids, i had much neglected this wonderful tool. but now that i have 3 kids, the more the reason i need it.

my renewed sense of empowerment came from observing a dear friend of mine discipline her son over eating a freezie. as the frustration began to mount, my friend suddenly began speaking in tongues and an immediate peace was brought to her demeanor. it was incredible to watch but hard to articulate. her son didn't stop his persistence or demands but the building pressure of the situation was deflated and she was at peace.

i personally find it very difficult to be at peace while disciplining so i thought i would give it a whirl and i have been continually surprised. i have been anxiously looking for other opportunities to apply this wmd to and one such opportunity happened while hosting life group at our home last week. we just so happened to be discussing speaking in tongues when all of a sudden a giant bang and scream came from davith's room. i threw my bible across the room and ran upstairs to find him crumpled in a ball on his bedroom fall having fallen out of bed. he was still asleep but very upset. i scooped him up into my arms and cuddled him but couldn't get him to calm down. i tried explaining to him he wasn't going to fall out anymore, lay down beside him... he was hysterical. i could think of anything else, so i started speaking in tongues over him and his crying immediately stopped. a total peace came into the room and he fell fast asleep again. even his little spirit understood. amazing.

even though this gift does not stop my kids from misbehaving or the twins from crying or pooping and barfing, it does something in me that makes me stop. where i would have yelled in frustration or cried in desperation, i am renewed by God's grace and love, empowered, equipped for whatever i may be facing.

thank-you lord for loving me enough to give me this incredible gift and may i never take it for granted.