apple cider vinegar

this is what i remember alymer looking like
i remember drinking this as a kids & now having a family of my own, we have included this in our daily repertoire as we have begun developing a more proactive approach to our health. i remember my mom driving all the way out to the mennonite village to see this 98 year old man who grew apple cider vinegar 'mother' in tires {the 'mother' in apple cider vinegar is just the sediment at the bottom & is crucial to the health benefits of ACV}.  old alymer swore by the stuff & said he has never been sick a day in his life because of apple cider vinegar.  and although, i don't think i will be eating 'mother' out of a tire, i think i will work it into our daily routine.   they key is in regularly including it in our diet.  here is a little snippit of just how amazing this stuff really is!

*in my research, the organic bragg brand {found at loblaws} states that it is in fact safe for nursing/pregnant mothers to ingest
** and on a side note, our pediatrician recommended 1/4 tsp of honey for each of kid's sore throats & 1 tsp for mine.  he said honey is now scientifically proven to work better than any throat lozenge on the market... cool right? as they say, nature knows best!

25 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar should be a staple in every home. It has a wide variety of uses and you can’t beat it as far as low price for health care! ACV is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.

To aid internal health make this:
2 Tbsp ACV, 1 Tbsp Honey, 1 Cup Water
Drink 1-2X/day for two weeks on, two weeks off. Then maintain by drinking 3-4X/week thereafter. This is just what I recommend because I’m a believer in too much of anything isn’t usually the best.

1. Prevents flu and stomach illness
2. Dissolves kidney stones
3. Detoxifies the body of heavy metals and toxins
4. Regulates pH balance in the body
5. Helps relieve nausea
6. Helps relieve heart burn or chronic acid reflux
7. Helps relieve asthmatics
8. Helps relieve allergies
9. Helps relieve gout
10. Helps lower glucose levels in diabetics
11. Helps weight loss by curbing appetite and breaking down fat
12. Helps relieve migraines
13. Helps relieve sinus pressure and infection
14. Lowers blood pressure
15. Lowers cholesterol
16. Kills cancer cells or slow their growth
17. Reduces inflammation, relieve arthritis

To aid external health:
Mix 50/50 ACV and Water
Appropriately apply with cotton ball, soak, or spray on affected area

18. Gets rid of buildup on scalp
19. Conditions hair and detangles
20. Gets rid of fingernail or toenail fungus
21. Works well to clear up fungal, bacterial, viral rashes
22. Soothes bug bites
23. Gets rid of warts (put ACV on cotton ball, cover with Band-Aid, leave on over night for 1 week)
24. Balances pH, relieves yeast infection (douche with 1 tsp of ACV mixed with 2 cups water) Must rebalance good bacteria
25. Helps reduce/prevent acne (don’t get in eye)

Drinking this recipe is a little like drinking beer or coffee for the first time. It’s an acquired taste. I love it now and enjoy it just as I would a cup of herbal tea. Applying ACV topically on infected areas can burn so be careful if you use on children, but don’t be scared to try it if diluted properly.
There are many more uses for Apple Cider Vinegar including pet care, garden care, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry care, and even automotive care! Get yourself a bottle or two or three so you always have it on hand. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is an excellent band, it is raw organic ACV which sweet mother earth provides. Cheap Health and Happiness ♥

Source: http://www.mamasworldview.com/



grouchy ew yuck ow style {small style}

thursdays just seem to arrive just to darn soon! i haven't taken any photos of our style this week as it has been... well, interesting to say the least.  my hubby is away for a few days & in those few days we managed to fit a good amount of calamity... kai dislocated his elbow & while getting his elbow 'relocated' the doctor noticed he had a wicked ear infection, pink eye & pneumonia... & then we took everyone else into urgent care & dav has a touch of the same.  livi also got her vaccines this week... so that makes three doctor visits with four kids in two days... busy! needless to say, i don't think anyone would want to see pictures of that!  if i had taken pictures, i would have titled this week's small style "grouchy ew yuck ow style".  and so i have collected a few pic from last week, when the weather was gorgeous & the sun was shining & everyone's elbow was where it should be...  hope you enjoy!

p.s. we are well on our way to recovery now... and daddy comes home tonight! horray! it's just like that verse that says, the Lord works everything together for good... and that's our testimony this week.  He has been there at every turn & trial of this roller coaster. He is a good God & He has never left me in a lurch.

thank-you Lord for you faithfulness, and your going before & your provision.

 {davith}: t-shirt {children's place}, undies {oshgosh}, sunglasses {daddy's}

she wore these to bed she loved these so much!

 {eva}: t-shirt {thrifted - no tag}, jeans {joe}, necklace {michael's dollar section}, hairband {no idea}, sandles {value village... can't quite make out insole but i think gap}

his sister regularly likes to dress him up in her
 {kai}: onesie {carter's}, overalls {levi's but bought at winner's}, necklace {dollarama}

 {livi}: coat, pants & skirt {babygap}, onsie {carter's}
she is just so cheeky! 
she took those vaccinations like a champ!


the water walking God

although i am very careful about what i confess over myself, there are certain patterns that have developed after each of my pregnancies.  those patterns can easily become predictions, the predictions can evolve into expectations.  and expectations, in the natural, rarely leave room for the grace & miracle of God.  but then there is also wisdom in preparing your storehouse, ''batten down the hatches" so to speak.  and so it is with carefully tailored thoughts & words that i step into this post, knowing that God has a plan and it just may be to radicalize my previous experience.


low, dark, storm clouds gather & hang their ominous presence, shrouding sun.  i can see the tidal wave brewing, building on the horizon.  soul braces & heart palpitates as anx mounts.  sea billows rise & fall, turning the stomach sour.  and i am afraid.  i know how to navigate this storm.  i've weathered it many a time before but fear still chokes my courage.  afraid of drowning.  afraid of the dark.  afraid of the shaking.  afraid of the known.  

and then He comes.  not in a boat.  He walks.  He walks right on top of bullying wave & whitecap.  He walks right on top of what threatens to take me under, threatens to steal & take, threatens to punish.  it is under Him, under His feet.  He is steady in His footing & my heart is steadied in Him.  the waves submit to His path & He finds me in my boat.

He finds me between my miracles.  for He is not just the God of the miracle, He is also the God in between miracles. for my miracle is not only in my yesterdays.  my miracle is in what i have now.  and if i discard it, ignore it, don't value it, don't learn from it, don't understand it, i will find it hard to win the battle before me because i did not learn from the battle behind me.  it is because i've learned from the battle behind, that i am equiped for the battle before me. 

when we cry out to the Lord, it doesn't matter how dark the night, how distant the location, how dangerous the circumstance. when He comes to you He doesn't need a boat to join you.  He just walks on top of the storm.  for He is the water walking God & He walks on all the stuff we were about to drown in.


musical merriment

a home resounding with worship has always been a dream in the making for us {as you can read all about here}.  growing up my dad was a music teacher & we had every opportunity to learn just about any instrument our little hearts desired.  i flirted with a few instruments here & there but years later regret not making the most of that opportunity.  now being fully stocked with several instruments, it's time to pull that dream into reality.  it's never too late! my lovely hubby bought me a guitar this past birthday and other than dearly prizing the now frayed scrap of paper my sister scribbled down the cords to 'revelation song' on, i have not made much progress.  i could blame it on my delicate fingers, as anyone knows guitar is not for faint fingers.  i could blame it on never being able to find my favourite purple pick but that wouldn't be exactly true. the truth, i am a perfectionist & i hate not getting it perfect.  but i'll never progress unless i try right? it may never be perfect but it's purpose is not for me but the Lord... which consequently blesses me immensely. anyhoo, to help get us jump started we have signed up for guitar lessons and i am so excited!

here is a little picture of what it's like to learn an instrument in our house...
our lovely little duet!


sunday best in the making {small style}

sundays are an exciting closet day.  wearing the best of what we own.  closets get especially exciting around easter time... we'll at least for eva! we finally got to take out her big poofy easter dress.  this year, she got so excited that she giggled uncontrollably while i "dressed" her & then the second her feet touched the ground she began singing & twirling :) i have no idea where she learned how to twirl... it must be one of those innate girly things! she loved wearing that dress so much that i think i will declare it poofy dress month & she can wear it all month long! anyways... here are some fun pics of us getting ready for sunday morning... {excuse my pjs!} it really is a miracle that on any given sunday the wilkins arrive at church fully clothed!  thank you Lord! here is our sunday best in the making!

apparently someone was wearing bunny ears
in the background

{eva}: dress & petticoat {winner's}, hairband {dollarama}
{davith}: shirt & undies {joe}, tie {children's place}
and it would appear as though mr. easter bunny
has somehow violated eva's hairband

kai handing over his ears

and stepping over his hysterical sister
to go find his pants
{kai}: shirt {children's place}, boots {can't remember- i think used}, bunny ears {dollarama} *i think this is what kai would wear everyday if i let him

* that's my chirstmas boy singing his heart out!


saved or squandered?

i don't remember what we were talking about.  was i complaining?  disgruntled about being tired or overworked maybe?  or were we inventorying the past month, taking account of our dreams for the future in our usual fashion on long, winding car rides? i don't remember what we were talking about before that silver car was headed straight for us, before the screaming of tires shredding, before we almost lost it all. 

it was like slow motion.  the spinning.  the jerking.  the fight to regain control.  i turn to look at my children's faces as the van leaps over rocks like they were hurdles.  their faces so innocent.  so pure.  so unaware.  i reach my hand to stead livi's car seat from bouncing to high.
"it's ok babies! it's ok, it's ok... oh, Jesus!" i shout as we finally land in a pile of dust & rubble... heart pounding in my chest, eyes wide open as i watch the car who had so obediently been following us down these country roads now careens towards ours, engulfed in flame.

"oh, Jesus...keep going! keep going!" wheels turn in helpless gravel & the van lurches forward to safety.  the flaming car soon bottomed out in the ditch, coming to it's final resting place.

seat belts unbuckled in a frenzy.  adrenaline coursing through the veins, we run to help passengers out of the burning vehicle.  wildfire catches quickly to bush & dry grass.  flames lick my shoes as we toss luggage & shredded easter weekend plans from burning metal.

"it's not worth it!"  steve shouts to me, shouts to our unfortunate fellow travelers.  "back away! back away!"  i run back to the children a few feet away, still strapped in their seats watching their dvd like nothing had happened.  livi was screaming now.  tears hot on cheeks as i unstrap her from her seat and bring her to the front seat with me.  i rock & rock her.  i feed her & rock her some more.
"thank-you Jesus.  thank-you Jesus.  it's ok. thank-you Jesus."  i whisper over & over, kissing the top of her head.
"mom, can i see the fire?" davith asks, eyes still on the dvd screen.
"no son.  just be thankful.  so thankful.  thank-you Jesus."

soon the sound of sirens soothe the scene.  the highway is blocked off as they spray & foam & fiddle with charred metal. three toddlers wiggle & lean hard against their restraints.  i put a still unsettled baby back in her seat & unstrap the others.  i let them play in the ditch with stones & sticks while the babies each take their turn getting their poopy bums changed.  i can't find the wipes so it is an interesting undertaking, changing three squirmy, screaming babies on a seat the size of a dinner plate while the others play in a ditch full of broken glass.  it's been over an hour now.  a friend on his way to peterborough climbs out of his car and runs down long lines of impatient cars to come to my aid.  what are the odds? he watches the other two, while i put in livi's soother & simultaneously wrestle another toddler into clean jammies.  soon traffic begins to flow again.  slow.  our friend returns to his travels & we wait for steve.  he finally appears through the smoke.  davith darts past my grasp & runs to his daddy, only a few feet from the wreckage & oncoming traffic.  my heart leaps.  steve scoops him up & carries him back to the van unharmed.  it is way past bedtime & i am one nerve away from crazy now.  the fire & the frazzle all getting to me.  four children on the side of the dusty, dirty, scary road.
"is that it?! jeepers!" i huff in distemper.
"yup." he says patiently. " i gave my statement & the officer said we could go now....  he said the last couple of these he's been to there hasn't been anyone to take statements from & to be thankful."
my heart lurches with guilt as we all buckle back into the van.  had i forgotten that fast what i had just been saved from?  saved from months in the hospital.  years of recovery, if even given the chance.  an inch or two away from loosing our future, loosing it all.  how could i squander it on grumbling, on frazzle, on ingratitude? my life is worth more than that.  oh, what i have been given.  given extravagant gifts wrapped up in peculiar packaging.  but beautiful gifts none the less.    

thank you Lord.  thank you for screaming babies, for dust & dirt, for poopy diapers & no wipes, for our space scarce van, for cranky, rambunctious toddlers, sore necks, for tired eyes & soothers that keep falling out.  thank-you Lord for life. thank you for it all.