c'est la vie!

i just saw a commercial for the facebook movie "the social network" and it got me thinking. facebook captures life in a really unique way... it's like a life's history, the story of one's life told in these short little quips that summarize a whole chapter of life. and so i thought i would capture some of my own story by copying a few statuses from my profile. i'm so sentimental it's ridiculous!
Sarah (Rickey) Wilkins...
...just realized she has exclusively eaten chocolate, cheese and hotdogs today... so long new years resolution :)
... loves Charlie & Lola! "Happy to help!"
... is outnumbered by diaper wearing people.
... has an ill behaved Christmas tree.
... had her jack-o-lanterns massacred by evil squirrels! Argh! Bring it on squirrelly!
... has an orange infant... maybe it was the sweet potato? oh well, at least it will match her halloween costume!
... raised the bar for indulgence today!
... was surprised to find a dirty diaper in the tupperware drawer... and another in the compost bucket! i was wondering where they kept disappearing to... hurl-a-whirl! he thinks he's helping.
... wished there was more chocolate in the world & less dirty dishes.

...watching your toddler squiggle around in spagetti for dinner = $4, bath for said toddler with complimentary bubbles = $2, repeating said bath at 2am with added undigested spagetti vomit and no complimentary bubbles = $3, having my mom along for the ride = priceless.

...my son the camel whisperer!

...while reading a book about skunks today, I say "And p u there was a skunk under the bed." Davith says "p u, he poo. he poo diaper." while plugging his nose.

...is putting together one very temperamental crib with only a screwdriver, chinglish and a very small chai latte.

...is eating apple crisp & hot tubbing! I love my husband & I love my sugar!

...terrible teething! all three are drooling & gnawing like crazy! I don't know whether to go and buy more teething paraphernalia or just get a few buckets & sticks from outside. the latter would be cheaper although significantly less sterile. ( just for the record, i went with buying more teething paraphernalia - of course i would let them chew on sticks and drool into buckets!)

...hates jogging... but can't stop eating! what a predicament!

...sleep... wherefore art thou?

...is Hungry with a capital H! Bring on the Indian food! Yum!

...loves gardening in the dark because you can't see how dirty your getting... on the flip side you can't really see the garden... we'll see how my green wonder world turned out in the morning. Wow, goodnight garden, hello bathtub!

...just realized that the three little people she spends everyday, all day with don't speak a lick of English. And Steve wonders why I don't make sense at the end of the day!

... needs a cupcake stat!

... is so proud of Davith for eating mommy's beet chicken nuggets... and then not complaining as I scrubbed the pink off his face.

... is knackered... but oh so thankful for happiness, health & home!

... thinks prunes before Dav's bath time was a bad idea!

... hates gentian violet!

... is de-plumb saucing her very shiny little boy

the inner workings of a shellfish

i thought the title of this little blog needed some explaining. when i was younger, i was super shy... and maybe i still am but God had just done something powerful in me. i can remember when i was younger, my teachers would all say the same thing at every parent-teacher interview "...sarah is so sweet but painful timid. we'd love to see her come out of her shell a bit more." and so i thought this blog would be a great idea for me to share a little bit about what goes on inside that shell. i was inspired by my husband's favourite artist Tom Waits (he's definitely an acquired taste). a line from one of his stranger songs was "what's he building in there?". so much goes on inside that God never gets credit for. He has done incredible things in me, in my family, in my marriage, in my church, in my community, in my city. Very rarely is there a "suddenly", but usually there has been a process of tweaking, breaking, building behind the scenes. and so here's the deep work of God that he has begun and will see through to completion!