and then there were four...!

and so... we're pregnant! by october we will have four beautiful children age 2 and under! and we are absolutely thrilled to bits!
although i've been quite sick (hence the break in blogging), i just couldn't be happier! it is so strange with this being my fourth child that i could be this excited. you'd think i'd be used to it by now... but i guess you never get too used to miracles! some people may think we're crazy but i just feel so blessed. i know there will be challenges, but i am full of expectation, faith and adventure!
God is SO good!


  1. WOW! SARAH!!!!! I am THRILLED for you guys!!! I cannot wait to see you again!
    What a blessing!!!! Praise the Lord for Babies!

  2. Thanks! We're pretty pumped! Miss you! xo