stand. {rehoboth farm}

as you may already know, we are just about to move to our dream farm... whilst at the same time desperately trying to sell our house. this has not been a pleasant experience with two dogs, four kids & a schedule in overtime. in fact, i would probably say it has been unnecessarily, above & beyond our expectation of what this unpleasant experience probably should have been. it has been an experience akin to the fire swamp in 'the princess bride' or the ten plagues in the old testament. in fact, you probably would think we were grossly exaggerating the shenanigans 'blighting our land' as of late.

with pestilence ranging from several cycles of a species of flu akin to black death, our house punching me in the face, a variety of our household appliances simultaneously going on strike including both our vehicles for weeks at a time (which ended fatally for our toaster, blender, coffee press, coffee grinder & all our phone charging devices), a dog gone wild, my husband's overactive travelling schedule hitting it into high gear, entering the 7th circle of house showing hell (which i'm sure one day very far from now will become favourite funny stories)...and that's not to mention the last little bag of tricks that has been thrown our way just as we prepare to close on monday. it would be considered a victory if we could avoid catastrophe two days in a row not to mention actually make it to the farm.

and yet from a place of everything-that-could-go-wrong-has-gone-wrong, i look at others stories like "12 years a slave" kinda stories & my problems are humbled to insignificance. 

it could all be in my head but it does feels like we are under attack. it is ironic that there has been such contention over this place as one of the names steve & i had been throwing around for the farm was 'rehoboth'. 'rehoboth' means 'broad place', and it refers to the land of inheritance that only God can give & that the enemy cannot steal from you. 'rehoboth' meaning a place of enlargement & flourishing. it was the name isaac gave his un-contended well.

"so when they dug the third well and there were no quarrels isaac named it rehoboth saying 'now the Lord has given us room and we well flourish in the land.'"
{gen 26:22}

this experience has taken a pretty detailed account of our weaknesses & short comings. where our faith & attitudes have failed, God has met us with His fullness & His faithfulness. any earthy hope has been replaced by the Promise found in Himself.  

in responding to some of these multi-fauceted, fast-paced challenges, it's been hard to not get shaken up & i haven't always known what exactly to do. and sometimes there isn't anything to do.  i love how ephesians 6:13 puts it...

"finally, be strong in the Lord & in His mighty power. put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes...therefore, put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. stand firm..."  

when you've done all to stand, stand. i can stand because i've done all to stand and then God partners with me & stands with me. and i stand. feet firm. vision locked. belt tightened.

and so i stand. my feet firm on the contended soon to be un-contended, flourishing broad ground of 'rehoboth farm'.

thanks to all those who have been so faithfully contending for us in prayer. :)


  1. Oh Sarah, yes, I'll be praying for you. I've been thinking about you a lot this past week and this must be why. Bring on that God-given, broadening-your-lives and full-living home. Let us know if we can help practically somehow in the move...

  2. thanks so much faithful friend! xo