thank-you LORD!

after a long period of testing, we got our final results yesterday from both the cardiologist, geneticist, & obstetrician... we have a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl! praise God!
our God is a good God! after testing positive twice for downs syndrome, our little baby girl was totally & miraculously healed! they gave her a 95% chance of not being born healthy or alive. some people may say we narrowly escaped in that last 5%. but throughout the process, after a few encounters with the supernatural, we know she was divinely healed.
thank-you Lord for the life & health of our beautiful baby girl who will serve you all of the days of her long life! hallelujah!

(this is a very short account of one long miraculous story... i'm in the process of writing it all down but if you would like to hear more just let me know)

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