a birthday boy & his dinosaurs {celebratory}

davith is three... well, actually he was three on january 13 but we didn't get around to celebrating it until this past week.  he decided he would like a "gween dinosaur party" & so that's what we did!

i am a big fan of tori spelling... well, let me qualify that... i am a big fan of her passion & creativity both in her mothering but also in her desire to celebrate.  that girl knows how to celebrate like i've never seen.  and why not?  there really are so many reasons to make a big thing out of nothing.  why not celebrate a gorgeous sunset by grabbing a hot chocolate & heading out to the backyard to warm by a winter campfire?  so many moment get ignored or pushed aside when they were put there for our enjoyment. celebrating the good & enjoying life to the fullest is a motto i would really love to embrace.  she's often talked about the traditions her parents started that she still carries close to her heart & are a hallmark of every celebration.  very heart warming accounts of the way they extravagantly poured out their creative resources to make every birthday, christmas, easter, you name it occasion, special.  they lavished each occasion with their love & talent.  it wasn't about the $, although i'm sure that helped.  it was about the soul they put into each. the care.  the detail.  the enjoyment of life. this is what i hope to be one day.  a celebratory connoisseur. 

so here's to celebrating life & my little boy whom is so well loved & his love of dinosaurs.  cheers to that!
healthy zucchini carrot cupcakes

three candles for my big boy!

fruit kebobs


polka dots & eyes
we had dinosaur pancakes for dinner {really just pumpkin pancakes that were cut into the shape of a dinosaur by a sandwich cutter i got from dollarama}.  so i thought the pancake garnishes should be dino themed as well {scales, polka dots, toe nails, back plates & spikes & of course green whipping cream}.
dino toe nails {raisins}

back plates & spikes

a dinosaur restaurant
green whipping cream

fossil magnets

sand, paint brushes & dino skulls

tent turned into a cavern
davith loves making caves
with the couch cushions which
worked perfectly with our theme

goodie bags

adopt-a-dino: guests got to take home
their very own dinosaur
pterranadon nest {aka our nursery} complete with dino eggs & books
{really just a pile of blankies & balloons}
a huge thanks to all of the little & big people that made the occasion so special!
is that a parasauralofus saying happy birthday?
yes, yes it is!


  1. This is adorable Sarah! Great ideas!

    p.s. I'm a big Tori fan too! Have you seen 'sTORIbook Weddings'?? Soooo good!

    1. Oh yes! And have you seen her new book celebraTORI? I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! {i wonder how many more word she can fit her name into?}

  2. You are so creative! Love your ideas! How exciting to have a three year old...can you believe he is already three? Wow!

    1. oh dear... please tell me it gets easier to watch them grow older... i cannot believe he is 3! so thankful!