livi style {small style}

and here is livi verona in her very own featurette of {small style}!
it's amazing how fast newborns change or how different they look in pictures.  she is the sweetest little girl, with her saucy little grins & gentle little coos.  she melts my heart.  she has fit right into the wilkins clan & only occasionally lets out a little cry to let us know she's still there. her cry almost sounds like an apology... like "i'm so sorry, i know you're busy but my susu fell out again".  and did i mention how sweet she is?
she is currently weighing in at 11 lbs... now that's some 35% cream! mama's little cream puff! i'm in love!

{livi}: long sleeved onesie & leggings {carters}, jean dress {old navy}, hairband {can't remember but i know it's off of etsy}

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