my little mighty {letters to davith}

it's bedtime.  book time.  your favourite time.  you love filling your head with outlandish books & wild ideas, far off lands & strange new beasts.  you burrow down deep under your comforter & fold your arms across your chest ready to taste & breath the unconquered world.
we've started reading a new book.  an intentional book.  a sowing book.  it is well beyond your age & i know this but i am sowing like a wise farmer does.  i begin to unfold it's pages of truth & you're wide eyed but quiet trying to make sense, to cull it's meaning into your world. it is a letter from God to you. i read to you of your heritage, of the legacy you follow...
"my mighty warrior, i have a powerful plan for you, my son.  i know you are just a young boy, but so was king david when i chose him to become the future king.  little did he know, while he was faithfully protecting & caring for the sheep, that i was preparing him to protect & care for my people one day..."
i pause for a moment.  you're pensive, taking it all in.  i can see the seed of greatness germinating deep down inside.
"do you think you would like to protect & care for God's people one day?"
"yeah mom.  i could wake them up in the morning & make them waffles for breakfast & i could take them to the bathroom so they won't be scared & i could tuck them in..."

oh yes davith benjamin.  you will wake many from their slumber, you will feed the hungry something much longer lasting than waffles & you will be an arm of comfort to those terrorized by fear. and being faithful in the little will turn great, the small, seemingly insignificant will expand into everlasting bread.  you follow the steps of him whom you were named after, king david.  but you will do greater things, oh mighty warrior.  greater than the boy who killed giants with nothing more than a sling shot, tackled bears & lions with his bare hands.  the boy who became a king one day. the same boy who tended the sheep, who serenaded the King of kings with his song in an empty field.  do not despite small beginnings my son, for He has a plan & a purpose.  nothing is wasted or lost in His kingdom.  i know you are still little but you are mighty because of Him.  
you & that ferocious appetite for adventure are going to conquer the world.

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