sentimental style {small style}

i am so very proud of myself.  i took my first, second & third load of clothes to boomerang kids (an upper end ottawa children's consignment store).  i am proud because the task confronted two of my greatest challenges, rejection/social awkwardness & sentimentality.  it is a sad moment when you realize how much your identity is tied up children's clothing.  it's the memories & bonding that happened in those little onesies & booties.  it's how i concretely remember their size & smell, evidence of how i cared & loved them.  and then to lay it all out on the table for someone to scrutinize every inch of fabric & goodness forbid reject a piece or two... well, you can imagine.  i had prepared myself that just because a piece of clothing is rejected does not mean i am rejected.  i did have a few moments of anx where my defensive instincts began to creep up on me, but i resisted, survived & have fuller pockets because of it!
as a stay-at-home mom, i see it as my job to stretch a buck as far as i can.  this is one of those ways that, if i am organized & can get over my sentimental rejection complex, earn a few bucks.  this particular store offers cash or store credit which i really like because i can use it to buy whatever the kids need - toys, clothing, books or take the cash & spend it on diapers or groceries.
anyways, long story short, a way that helped me let go of a few extra special pieces of clothing was to make sure i had photos of the kids wearing them. i thought it might be neat to celebrate this process of letting go by having a few style flashback editions of {small style}.

here's a favourite.  my mom gave me this onesie before davith was born.  it says 'mon petit chute' on the front which means 'my little cabbage'.  it's what my mom used to call me as a babe.  this is what davith was wearing the day the twins were born. sniff, sniff... smile.

dav, nan & the ducks... both his favourites

he had just started walking the
week the twins arrived

little did he know his entire world just changed

little did he know he would soon
be kicked to the boot of the stroller

he loves his auntie mekr
onesie: joe fresh, slippers: joe fresh, jeans: joe fresh


  1. OH YES. I relate to this so much too - I am so sad about the idea of giving away much of the clothes that were the kids. Even Anika's "big kid" clothes that she's outgrowing I have trouble parting with. (This is largely why Norah shows up at church most Sundays looking like mini-Anika, which I LOVE).

    Yeah....it's hard. Good for you for taking the step. And good for you for taking the pictures...that's a great idea.

    1. thanks christy! it's so nice to know i'm not alone in this silly sopping over clothes! :)
      i imagine it must be twice as hard to let them go if you made them... you are such a talented lady you are! xo