for when you forget what Grace feels like

at the beginning of this year i declared it as a year of Grace which is must admit was quite an ambitious declaration when i don't really know what grace is. it's not that i haven't experienced it from time to time. i think i just have lived in the law for so long that i sometimes find it hard to recognize, receive or practice grace from time to time.

this song touches my heart every time i hear it. it's the heartbeat of the Father. it is Grace himself. i listen to it whenever i forget what Grace feels like. it reminds me of the story of hosea & gomer in the bible. the relentless pursuer & the reluctant pursued. a gripping love story mirroring the Groom's pursuit of His wayward bride. His pursuit of me. the story so gripped me that i changed my camp name to gomer {or at least until my camp director suggested that naming myself after a prostitute might not be so appropriate which is how i got my name ozynol which is another story for another time}.

anyways, this is for any other prisoners of law that needed to hear the voice of Grace calling for you.

i knew what i was getting into {misty edwards}

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