snow day!

i used to be so concerned about my kids lack of commitment to the great white outdoors.  the bundling everyone up in impossible snowsuits for 10 minutes of mild amusement before everyone has a simultaneously meltdown, was short lived. but this year is different. this year they can't wait to go outside. well, actually the boys LOVE going outside. eva & livi will tolerate it for a short period of time. but i found something that keeps both the boys & the girls interested for a long period of time.
we were cleaning a bunch of clutter out of the cottage this past weekend and upon purging six ladles, seven spatulas, four whisks, a broken toaster oven & a truck load of tarnished pots & other such muddle, i got an idea. instead of donating all our junk, i decided to throw it out into the snow for the kids to play with. they've played with plastic buckets & such before but real pots & pans have a special kind of appeal.  the kids played for 45 minutes without needing any re-directing. and the snow was the perfect packing kinda snow... muffins, pancakes, cookies, mashed bananas & chicken nuggets were just some of the delicacies on the menu. it was magical. here are some pics.
cooking & baking
mashed bananas & meatballs are on the menu
-salad tongs make the best 'balls' :)

a whisk-cicle


tasting one of eva's pancakes

making soup

a snow 'dinosaur' angel

waiting for the cookies to "bing"

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