meet our newest addition to the family, jaxon!

i know what you're thinking... as if there wasn't enough poop to shovel around here... or what about whiskey, your last stinky smelly dog that drove you nuts?!

but here's the thing... i really love him!

he's the perfect amount of kookie crazy that fits in just right with our own kookie craziness. he's the perfect amount of broadway entertainment & slap stick humour. he's got the agility of an olympic athlete & the wit of sherlock holmes, the playfulness of a pup but the hunting instincts of a killer.

i just love him.

i'm not saying his kookie craziness isn't going to get too kookie & drive me mad or his slap stick silliness isn't going to one day get old. that the poop piles & the holes in the backyard aren't going to become an unpleasant & at times overwhelming task.

i'm just saying that we love him.

and that makes all the difference.

fun facts about jax: 
he is a 3 year old german shorthaired pointer.
we got him for free off of kijiji {gotta love that kijiji! we were researching getting a gsp for once livi was potty trained but after seeing him for free, we just had to take a look! we saw the ad at 4pm & he was ours by 6pm! needless to say we're still in a little bit of shock.}
he is davith's "bestest best friend in the whole wide world" & the kid's constant source of entertainment.
his favourite things are coffee, blankies, socks, cuddling lap dog style & leaves.
he's a great workout buddy...my entire body has not been this sore in quite some time.
he can jump the kids like they're hurdles & completely clear them {my heart stops every time!}
he doesn't smell... like at all, unless he is wet & has very minimal shedding {this is perhaps my favourite thing about him}.
steve's planning to hunt him this summer & i am planning on teaching him to scoop his own poop, carry a diaper bag & find my keys/cellphone {just kidding about the scooping his own poop}!

we love pets, especially when they become a part of the family & not the centre of the universe. we hope that with a little tlc, jax will be the perfect addition to the family!
welcome to the wilkins' jaxon!

pointing at our friend, lester the bunny

we have to be careful what we watch on tv now...
he has a very sensitive constitution.
davith's "jack"

he has brought back some bad memories of e.t.

his favourite place in the house... even if it's naughty.

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  1. Awesome. What a nice friend/focus for Davith! It's totally a love/strangle thing but, really, dogs rock.