lesson in the losses: lifetime realities & greater things

lesson in the losses #9: i was chosen not on my own merit or strength, but because of my insignificance

the time is now. that is the Word to the church today. ready or not... here we go, He says.  it's on the job training. no more sermons. no more sitting. time to step out & into greater things.

there are times in life when i just feel so small & insignificant. i look at the legacy i've been handed. a heritage overflowing with righteous, truth fighters.  a history filled with intercessors praying day & night until heaven came down, until the face of God met them. filled with the dead leaping forth to life by the command of a man's mouth, leprosy devoured limbs growing back whole. the mentally insane being set completely free from their tortures, demons cast into pigs.  the legacy i have been left is filled with sea splitting, cloak smacking faith & bushes that burn but don't burn up. filled with smoke rich extraordinary encounters, people swept up by chariots of fire. of people so drenched in presence that they are transported through time & space. this is the legacy i've been asked to carry.

and even after all this that has been before, the Lord says...

"i tell you the truth. the person that believes in me will do the same things I have done. yes! he will do even greater things than i have done." 
{john 14:12-13}

we haven't even scratched the surface. more. always more. greater things. even greater things you shall see & do.

i have been thinking on the israelites.  thinking how God chose israel not based on their own merit or strength, but because of their insignificance. it was because they were weak, He was strong. it's the humble He choses to raise up. He does that.  He takes the lowly & despised things & breathes His great glory into them.

i think about what the Lord has asked me to do, asked me to pursue, challenged me to be. and i feel so unable & weary kneed. so untalented & unskilled. and then i remember my brothers peter & john.

"now as they observed the confidence of peter & john & understood that they were uneducated & untrained, they were amazed & began to recognize them as having been with Jesus"
 {acts 4:13}

i know i was born for the impossible. i know that the life i lead is impossible & is about to get
more impossible. but i pray that when the world observes my confidence, they will begin to recognize that i have been with Jesus. because it's only in Him the impossible is made possible. it's only in Him that the greater things that have been left to my lifetime will become a reality. and that is the key... being with Jesus. all things are found there. the insignificant made significant. the uneducated & untrained become amazing. the small & lowly become greater things. 

"for the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power." 
{1 corinthians 4:20}


  1. Amen to that, Sarah. And beautiful writing too.

  2. thanks Maryann! Your comments always mean so much to me! :)