the power of raw goat's milk

after recently finding out i was pregnant, my breast milk supply suddenly diminished. i had breast fed davith until he was 13 months while pregnant with the twins and was attempting to do the same with the twins. i can still nurs
e them quite effectively, or to where they feel satisfied, but when i need to pump to leave milk for a babysitter, i am fresh outta luck. i usually only need to pump one feed a week so i didn't really want to start an expensive formula.
and then i remembered some advice a good friend had given me while in the hospital with the twins. she suggested that if i was having difficulty nursing them to supplement with goat's milk. i recently began to research a little bit more and here is what i found:

" Most of us know that almost all commercially produced cow's milk based formulas are pretty nasty (think high fructose corn syrup, mono and diglycerides, inositol, choline bitartrate, sodium ascorbate, alpha tocophyeryl acetate, naicinamide, calcum pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, phylloquinone, etc.), and soy based formulas are not a lot better (children receiving soy formula as their only food take in the same estrogenic equivilant as 5 hormonal birth control pills per day.) But we also know that not everyone is able to or desires to breastfeed, so what can be an alternative? Afterhuman breastmilk, what is best?

Unlike cow's milk, which takes hours to digest, goat’s milk takes just 20 minutes to digest due to smaller fat molecules (about one fifth the size of the molecules in cow's milk.) Goat’s milk is also alkaline, like human breastmilk, whereas cows milk is acidic. It has higher evolved carotene (Vitamin A) which is preformed and easily absorbable, does not form phlegm in the body, is easier on the gut and liver, is more easily absorbable by the brain and body due to lower levels of cholesterol, and is milder in taste (though in my own experience, goats milk tastes stronger the longer you leave it- you can taste a difference even the day after it's been milked.)

Goat's milk is so readily digested by infants that in a number of cases that, where the breast milk supply has been inadequate, full strength, unsweetened goat's milk can be given as an alternative. Studies have found that infants of working mothers have thrived on a midday feed of goat's milk, welcoming the return to mother's milk at the other feeds. This may not be the ideal, but the alternative use of cow's milk preparations have often resulted in refusal of the breast at the next mealtime.

Human breast is best, and after that it’s just about what feels good and works for you and your babe. " Doula Right Thing, blog

i wholehearted believe that you need to decide what is best for you and your family. i just thought this was a really neat alternative and so far it has worked really well with the twins. you can introduce goat's milk as early as baby's first feed. i was also surprised how accessible goat's milk is. i just picked up a carton of organic homogenized goat milk at loblaws in the health food section. so take what blesses you and ignore the rest! i just love finding little tid bits of information at exactly the right time so i thought i would share.

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