hold onto peace

when we decided to start our family, we decided that it would be a time of peace for us. through all of the challenges of pregnancy and parenting, we have spoken & guarded peace in our home as one of our prized possessions. before we had davith, steve bought me a little wooden dove which has now sat on the window ledge of the nursery for all of our kids as a reminder that this season of having kids would be one of peace.
now pregnant with our fourth we are facing some challenges we hadn't had to face with any of our others. scary challenges. don't get me wrong, we are in faith but our feelings at times don't line up with what we know to be true. there is nothing wrong with being terrified and angry and when we are honest with the Lord it can be a wonderful strength. We need to give our feelings an appropriate outlet where we can be totally honest but then separate them from what we know. we know God is a good God, He is our Hope, He loves us, He has plans to prosper us not to harm us, He counts every tear & hears every cry, He is a very present comfort & refuge. so although we have times of overwhelming feelings, we trust & focus on what we know. feelings are real but they are also fleeting and fickle. in the end, we have faith not in what God can do for us but in who He is.
God gave me this scripture just before we began to face challenges during this pregnancy and it has preserved me throughout.
isaiah 54:10 " the mountains and hills may be removed, but My kindness shall never leave you, nor shall My covenant of peace with you ever be removed"
the key to having peace is spending time with Peace Himself. i have felt His presence so tangibly, His mighty hand there to hold like no other time in my life. we are facing some real challenges but we are facing them with a real God, the King of Peace.
so fight & hold onto peace while drinking deep from the well of salvation... He is such a good God!

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