gifts & their givers

today is my birthday, my natal anniversary, the day of my nativity, the marker of my 27th year of life.  and through those 27 years of life, i have received many gifts.  some fabulous, some tacky, some touching, some odd, some perfect, some embarrassing, some hilarious.  but no matter what the gift, the giver has always had the sincerest intentions.

growing up in a family of slightly dramatic characters, any gift, no matter how small or seemingly miniscule, always incited some type of spectacular theatrical reaction. christmas morning was quite the production, littered with deep gasps & chest clutches, shrieks & squeals of delight, the gaping jaw & eye bulge & eventually the touching silent single tear of thanks.  in each gift recipients reaction, was the intent of pleasing the gift giver by showing them their delight.  and the gift giver, of course, could not possibly be confused as to how the recipient felt about their gift.

now that i am married, i realize that not all family's require the same theatrical production.  my first christmas as a wilkins, i remember feeling quite disoriented as each gift was received in a proper, civil manner with a calm, thoughtful 'thank-you'. no jumping around, no rolling on the floor in hysterics.  just a simple 'thank-you'.  i realize that not everyone drinks as much caffiene in the morning or is as highly strung as my family, but it left an unnerving feeling as i didn't know how to read anyone's reaction.

this got me thinking, with all of the gift counting i have been doing lately in my gratitude journal, how much more do i bless Him when i delight extravagantly in His gifts?  i know the Great Gift Giver isn't a drama junkie like my family, but it must bring Him such joy to see me enjoy myself, to watch me revel in His goodness, in the counting of the trillions of moments He says i love you.

as a parent, i LOVE watching our kids enjoy themselves.  the other day, steve gave dav a bob the builder button & he went over the moon about it... apparently he has inherited a touch of the dramatic gene.  all the way home he kept saying 'i'm so happy!', petting the little button pinned onto his shirt.  it was the simplest of gifts, but he definitely enjoyed it to the max.  it was so genuine.  that's the way i want to be.  to enjoy the smallest to the max.  how much more would i enjoy the ordinary, everyday if i saw & reveled in all of the little moments of extravagant love? i choose to celebrate the everyday, wonderful, simple.  the everyday celebration of life & love preserved in uncountable moments that brim over a life full of thanks.

252. hummingbird at my window
253. gummed up abc cards
254. old, untarnished classics
255.  marigolds bowing out of their pot
256. piggy tails

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