where children sleep

well before i had any children of my own, i was a teacher. and well before i was a teacher, i was a lover of cool kids stuff. and so, i started collecting. collecting clothes, hairbands, books, room decor, ideas...you name it! if i really liked it, i bought it, and stored it for many, many years. and now i am enjoying my little storehouse of neurotically collected cool kids stuff. steve thinks i am nuts... but never regretted the perfect thing at the perfect time!

and this is one of those things that i will put in the storehouse for when my kids are little bit older but love the idea of what this beautifully creative picture book has attempted to accomplish. 'where children sleep' by james mollison is a photographic story of diverse children told through portraits & pictures of their bedrooms. as a bedroom is a significant part of childhood & can reflects much of who we are & where we came from, this unique & yet touching collection of photographs is intended to engage children ages 9-13 as well as adults. this depiction of details of children's lives around the world is quite moving, addressing social issues & children's rights. i hope to show this to my kids one day as a way of opening their eyes to the world around them & helping them put their own lives into perspective. to use as a conversation starter about our western self-centeredness, change & gratitude, in a sensitive atmosphere where my kids can draw their own conclusions & convictions. there is a preview of the photos online which you can view by clicking here.

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