lessons in the losses: swimsuits & stretchmarks

lesson in the losses #4: my body is more than an awkward swimsuit filler

swimsuit season is upon us. summer has arrived. the ritual has begun - squeezing three little bodies into teeny tiny swimsuits. little swim shorts brush just above the ankles, blonde hair turned invisible by water & sun, little white bum tan lines, excited little hands splash & squeal delight.

their little sun kissed patoots next to my not-so-little patoot. and it makes me proud.

because of this body of mine, which cannot seem to squeezing into any flattering shape of a bathing suit, that i birthed three beautiful children. this amazing body of mine, stretched and creased in all the wrong places, housed three sets of flailing limbs, three bony bums, three enormous heads... now making four. this body of mine, flabby where others are tight & toned, carried the miracle of life. i grew it within my womb, i nourished it with the sacrifice of love... i grew three, soon to be four, gorgeously healthy & strong children... and there is no shame in that, no need for insecurity or embarrassment.

so take that swimsuit season... i am proud to bear the marks of life, the badges of honor, that make me a mother to three, very soon to be four, gorgeous babies. there is nothing more beautiful than that. my body is so much more than swimsuit filler, so very much more.

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