she is my jonathan

"and saul's son jonathan went to david at horesh & helped him find strength in God." {1 samuel 23:16}

jonathans take many shapes & forms.  jonathans are a life time in the making, a rare find, only a fairy tale to some.  a jonathan is someone who encourages the soul, stands alongside, defends the Word over your life, shares a life covenant with vision & heart, fights for your victory, pushes you into your dreams, sharpens you like iron sharpens iron, closer than a brother, a deep that cries out to deep.  a fellowship that withstands the tests & trials of time.   reminds you of the call of God on your life in their own faithful & unrelenting pursuit of the kingdom.  it is difficult to build a relationship that is exempt from jealousy, resentment, bitterness, competition or any other plights of human nature.  and few relationships exist where the other is truly preferred, celebrated, strengthened & loved.  so when you find a jonathan you hold onto him or her as the case may be.

one of my jonathans is moving out of the city tomorrow to passionately pursue the call of God on her life.  selfishly, i want her all to myself & couldn't bare the thought of her leaving.  but after a few tears, i have come to a firm resolve that this will change nothing.  although it is typical of a long distance relationship to stray away, this is not true of a jonathan & david relationship.  distance only strengthens my heart toward her as i cheer her on from here.  she has always held the father's heart in her hand and delicately extended it to me.  she is a testament of grace & strength.  and i know there are many others that need the God-deposit in her.  and for that i am excited, waiting in anticipation for the fruit that will come from her obedient pursuit of the kingdom.

jonathan & david's bond was so great that at one of their partings, "they kissed one another, and wept one with another, but david more so..." {1 samuel 20:41}.  and i find myself as david.  tearful departing on the outside but just brimming with pride & hope & anticipation on the inside.

you can read about some of her adventures on her new "secret"... now not so secret blog.  i think you'll love her just as much as i do!


  1. Hi Sarah!
    I just discovered your blog last week while browsing Katie Geranium! It is so encouraging! I feel like you've read my mind so many times! I've been a 'secret' blogger for awhile now too but am slowly stepping out if the shadows!

    Just wanted to say that we are very, very happy to receive your Jonathon and promise to take very good care of her!


  2. Awe, thanks! Super encouraging! And thanks for taking care of my lovely jonathan... I know she will be well loved!
    Super excited to explore this 'secret' blog of yours! Horray for Mountain & Molehills! Can't wait to follow! :)