cuban style {small style}

sorry i haven't posted one of these in a while... thursdays seem to fly by before i notice! but i have found a solution... pre-prepare posts earlier in the week & schedule them to post later in the week!  love these blogger gigit gadgets!
we recently flew down to cuba with just our fourth baby, little livi verona.  we loved it!  she loved it! lots of time bonding happening on this trip... i so wish i had done this with the twins.  i totally encourage any new mom with other youngin's to make sure they get a little bonding trip in with just their newborn.  it will work magic! i also loved this trip because we finally finished sleep training!  i don't know if it was the fresh ocean air or the sun but it also worked it's magic.  slept through the night every night {except the last one} & hit every nap on cue! whohoo!
love these pics because eva {our oldest little girl} & livi were born in opposite seasons... so this was my only chance of seeing livi in eva's summer wear... you know, those sentimental outfits that bring back so many memories.  anyways, without further adieu, here are some pics of miss livi in some of her cuban stylings.
{sun dress} roots {blankie} carter's - a gift
from dear friends in england
we've started teething!

{bathing suit} children's place {hat} joe

sound asleep!
{sweater} roots {jumpsuit} babygap
perhaps daddy could use some stylin' tips

{onsie} petit lem

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