a turkish rock band in the making...

before any of our little winkles were born, steve & i kept a running list of things that we wanted to define our family. things that would be hallmarks of our home, a vision of sorts. one of those hallmarks was to have a home that rang with music. i had always grown up in a musical home but only ever taking the opportunity to learn the flute. steve had only ever played the sax in high school. steve described a friend's home once, that so inspired me. the room that would have traditionally housed the t.v. had this really big antique optometrist chair that had belonged to their grandfather. it was surrounded by just about every instrument imaginable. but that wasn't the inspiring part. it was that that sat down every night and jammed away together. they didn't waste the hours away zoned out to the t.v. they created, together. i just love that picture. now steve's friend is in a fairly popular turkish rock band. not that i have dreams of our kids becoming turkish rock stars, that's not the point. it's about a family with something else as it's centre other than the t.v.
and so it got me thinking. there are so many instruments that i wish i had learned when i was younger like the piano, the drums or the violin... just to name a few. but i think it was c.s. lewis that said it's never too late to set a new goal or dream a new dream. with that in mind, it dawned on me that it may not be too late to learn any of those instruments. we could even learn the same time as the kids.
what got me really excited about all this is, tonight steve came home with a guitar! our first instrument! a prophetic investment in our family vision. still lots of work ahead but so looking forward to it. tonight i got my old flute out & steve strummed away and the kids danced & grooved & giggled. we don't really know what we're doing yet but they don't seem to mind. thank-you Lord for these incredible opportunities!
*on a side note: here is a little footage of our little turkish rock band in the making...

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  1. Sarah, that is so exciting! I have taken Piano lessons and was getting good but had to stop...maybe someday I will pick it up again. You have inspired me!
    I love the video! Too cute!
    How are the kiddies doing? How has it been having twins? I would love to visit you again and catch up!