just bring you {the box}

as a mom, i have often fallen into the trap of 'one day'. one day i'll be able to appear in pubic without smudges all over my clothes. one day i'll have it all together. one day i'll have a ministry.

somewhere along the way, i built a box called ministry in my mind. and it was full of pulpits & conferences & travelling & elite status. the Lord recently found this box & convicted me in this. ministry is not as much about what you do but more about who you are. and when you begin to realize who you are, then what you do out of that is ministry.

whether that's behind a pulpit or a coffee cart, whether it's teaching in an amphitheatre or changing a diaper in a small stinky room, intentional or not, it's who i am that ministers to everyday situations & people. there is no box called ministry. ministry is just who i am. no striving needed.

just bring you, He says, to the everyday challenge of life. bring you everywhere you go.  the God-birthed you.

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