antique curiosities

as we begin to clean out, renovate & explore the old barns we have found some pretty interesting antique trinkets.

when we bought the old farm we were told that the farm house was built in 1834 but the barns were built some time before that as was the old custom.  after celebrating canada day yesterday i realized that our house is older than canada & was actually built in the dominion. cool, eh?

most of the weird little bibs & bobs we have no idea what they are or were or if they have any value.  so i thought i'd post them on here to see if anyone of the world wide web knows what in the world they are or what to do with them.

it would be such a waste to just chuck 'em or leave them in the bottom of a disintegrated manger or delapitated hay loft. and they tell us the long story of the farm itself & what is was used for, the kind of people who worked it & how they worked it & the older ways of life. it would certainly enlighten some of our curiosities about different buildings & how we could restore them.

so here's number one:

i think i know what this might be but not super sure.

location found: the old chicken coop on top of some laying boxes

i'd say the old coop needs a little tlc before the chickens move
in at the end of the month
just a little sneak peak the partly renovated coop...
i painted the window sill & that's about all so far.
we still need to learn how to chink between the logs,
fix all the windows, cut a bigger window out for the top
for ventilation & make the outdoor run as well as tamper
proof the whole thing so nothing can mess with our chickens

and the item in question

the holes at the bottom are too big for feeding
what do you think it is??

also found this thingy ma-bob... and in it's original packaging too


  1. I think the chicken coop thing is for gauging egg size.

  2. that's a good guess but the holes at the bottom are too big... unless they were collecting swan eggs ;)
    I think it's a chicken de-header... you stick the chickens head in & you can easily gage where to..uhum, you know. The medal edge was folded in as well making it harder for the chicken to try to get out of it. I'm just not sure why you might need three in a row?