the chosen fast

although fasting has not always been the most popular discipline, it is a strong biblical one. one to which i feel i have neglected recently. in the past i have often felt led to fast in varying capacities. when i was a teen, i felt led to do a media fast for a year which opened my eyes and my mind in an incredible way. i loved it. i wish i had the courage to do it again. i have done the typical fast of not eating, just drinking water but only ever for a few days at a time. while i was pregnant with the twins & still nursing davith, i really felt led to make a habit out of fast one day of the week to just be able to prioritize my need for Christ & clarity of mind. i had a few issues in my own life that i desperately wanted to see breakthrough in and so dedicated myself to the daniel fast (only eating fruits & vegetables, no processed food, dairy or any liquid other than tea & water & i also added the caveat of no t.v.). it changed my life drastically. i have never learned more about discipline in my physical body as well as spiritual and mental discipline. i often long for the intimacy that i so enjoyed with the Lord during those days (not that i am not intimate with Him now, but there is such a unique, sweet intimacy while fasting). this week, i felt a strong leading to fast & pray over an issue here in the church. all of the other fasts i had partaken in had been totally selfish. I have never fasted on someone else's behalf before. it was so powerful. i have to admit that i don't really do well without food, and so steve & i decided that i would just fast dinner (please note, if you are fasting while breastfeeding you need to drink a load of water & also be sure to take a multivitamin - i personally would limit a no food fast to just a meal or two). i was sooo grumpy. after feeding the kids, bathing them & tucking them into bed, i was exhausted and just wanted a giant piece of cake. i could have made an easy out with a legitimate excuse, but i knew that God had stirred my heart to do this & i couldn't let the emotion of the day steal that away. so i pulled it together and gathered with some others to pray over this issue, and soon forgot any pangs of hunger. i channeled my grumpiness into a righteous anger over the enemies work in a family that we loved & cared for. it was an incredible time in the Holy Spirit. i felt so refreshed & renewed. i can only hope we shook heaven... no, i know we shook heaven. i cannot wait to see what happens next.

* a side note: i have found jentezen franklin's book on fasting especially inspiring if you're up for any extra curricular reading. but beware, it may just inspire you to fast!

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