walter I

the wilkins have added a wee addition to our family... and his name is walter the first.  he is our new pet hermit crab and we are in love! having shellfish tendencies myself, i bonded quite quickly with this little guy, who spends most of his time in his shell.
not needing to add any extras to my day, he has been the perfect pet.  he's quiet, he doesn't eat me out of house & home, he's super clean {we only have to clean his cage every 6 months!}, he travels well, he's great with the youngins, super hardy & a fantastic incentive for good behaviour.  he's been stepped on, sat on, dropped, strapped to the front of a four wheeler & he's still here.  in a word... he's perfect!
here's some pics below of our adventures so far with walter...

p.s. we've been doing some reading and apparently, hermit crabs, despite what their name would indicate, are quite social... so we may need to get walter some friends!

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