grouchy ew yuck ow style {small style}

thursdays just seem to arrive just to darn soon! i haven't taken any photos of our style this week as it has been... well, interesting to say the least.  my hubby is away for a few days & in those few days we managed to fit a good amount of calamity... kai dislocated his elbow & while getting his elbow 'relocated' the doctor noticed he had a wicked ear infection, pink eye & pneumonia... & then we took everyone else into urgent care & dav has a touch of the same.  livi also got her vaccines this week... so that makes three doctor visits with four kids in two days... busy! needless to say, i don't think anyone would want to see pictures of that!  if i had taken pictures, i would have titled this week's small style "grouchy ew yuck ow style".  and so i have collected a few pic from last week, when the weather was gorgeous & the sun was shining & everyone's elbow was where it should be...  hope you enjoy!

p.s. we are well on our way to recovery now... and daddy comes home tonight! horray! it's just like that verse that says, the Lord works everything together for good... and that's our testimony this week.  He has been there at every turn & trial of this roller coaster. He is a good God & He has never left me in a lurch.

thank-you Lord for you faithfulness, and your going before & your provision.

 {davith}: t-shirt {children's place}, undies {oshgosh}, sunglasses {daddy's}

she wore these to bed she loved these so much!

 {eva}: t-shirt {thrifted - no tag}, jeans {joe}, necklace {michael's dollar section}, hairband {no idea}, sandles {value village... can't quite make out insole but i think gap}

his sister regularly likes to dress him up in her
 {kai}: onesie {carter's}, overalls {levi's but bought at winner's}, necklace {dollarama}

 {livi}: coat, pants & skirt {babygap}, onsie {carter's}
she is just so cheeky! 
she took those vaccinations like a champ!

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