musical merriment

a home resounding with worship has always been a dream in the making for us {as you can read all about here}.  growing up my dad was a music teacher & we had every opportunity to learn just about any instrument our little hearts desired.  i flirted with a few instruments here & there but years later regret not making the most of that opportunity.  now being fully stocked with several instruments, it's time to pull that dream into reality.  it's never too late! my lovely hubby bought me a guitar this past birthday and other than dearly prizing the now frayed scrap of paper my sister scribbled down the cords to 'revelation song' on, i have not made much progress.  i could blame it on my delicate fingers, as anyone knows guitar is not for faint fingers.  i could blame it on never being able to find my favourite purple pick but that wouldn't be exactly true. the truth, i am a perfectionist & i hate not getting it perfect.  but i'll never progress unless i try right? it may never be perfect but it's purpose is not for me but the Lord... which consequently blesses me immensely. anyhoo, to help get us jump started we have signed up for guitar lessons and i am so excited!

here is a little picture of what it's like to learn an instrument in our house...
our lovely little duet!

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