the water walking God

although i am very careful about what i confess over myself, there are certain patterns that have developed after each of my pregnancies.  those patterns can easily become predictions, the predictions can evolve into expectations.  and expectations, in the natural, rarely leave room for the grace & miracle of God.  but then there is also wisdom in preparing your storehouse, ''batten down the hatches" so to speak.  and so it is with carefully tailored thoughts & words that i step into this post, knowing that God has a plan and it just may be to radicalize my previous experience.


low, dark, storm clouds gather & hang their ominous presence, shrouding sun.  i can see the tidal wave brewing, building on the horizon.  soul braces & heart palpitates as anx mounts.  sea billows rise & fall, turning the stomach sour.  and i am afraid.  i know how to navigate this storm.  i've weathered it many a time before but fear still chokes my courage.  afraid of drowning.  afraid of the dark.  afraid of the shaking.  afraid of the known.  

and then He comes.  not in a boat.  He walks.  He walks right on top of bullying wave & whitecap.  He walks right on top of what threatens to take me under, threatens to steal & take, threatens to punish.  it is under Him, under His feet.  He is steady in His footing & my heart is steadied in Him.  the waves submit to His path & He finds me in my boat.

He finds me between my miracles.  for He is not just the God of the miracle, He is also the God in between miracles. for my miracle is not only in my yesterdays.  my miracle is in what i have now.  and if i discard it, ignore it, don't value it, don't learn from it, don't understand it, i will find it hard to win the battle before me because i did not learn from the battle behind me.  it is because i've learned from the battle behind, that i am equiped for the battle before me. 

when we cry out to the Lord, it doesn't matter how dark the night, how distant the location, how dangerous the circumstance. when He comes to you He doesn't need a boat to join you.  He just walks on top of the storm.  for He is the water walking God & He walks on all the stuff we were about to drown in.

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