sunday best in the making {small style}

sundays are an exciting closet day.  wearing the best of what we own.  closets get especially exciting around easter time... we'll at least for eva! we finally got to take out her big poofy easter dress.  this year, she got so excited that she giggled uncontrollably while i "dressed" her & then the second her feet touched the ground she began singing & twirling :) i have no idea where she learned how to twirl... it must be one of those innate girly things! she loved wearing that dress so much that i think i will declare it poofy dress month & she can wear it all month long! anyways... here are some fun pics of us getting ready for sunday morning... {excuse my pjs!} it really is a miracle that on any given sunday the wilkins arrive at church fully clothed!  thank you Lord! here is our sunday best in the making!

apparently someone was wearing bunny ears
in the background

{eva}: dress & petticoat {winner's}, hairband {dollarama}
{davith}: shirt & undies {joe}, tie {children's place}
and it would appear as though mr. easter bunny
has somehow violated eva's hairband

kai handing over his ears

and stepping over his hysterical sister
to go find his pants
{kai}: shirt {children's place}, boots {can't remember- i think used}, bunny ears {dollarama} *i think this is what kai would wear everyday if i let him

* that's my chirstmas boy singing his heart out!

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  1. Oh man. This was a good one. What a thrilling life you live, Mrs. Wilkins.