living in light of eternity

a thought for the day...
i found these pearls of wisdom in a friend's facebook conversation. i hope they won't mind me sharing but they were just too good to keep to myself.

"marriage or motherhood is not the finish line for biblical womanhood. when we live in light of temporary finish lines or milestones, we put our identity in the finish line instead of Christ. we need to know how to live in light of eternity! it's far greater!!" 

{susie romer}
  • "...and His glory is revealed through our satisfaction in Him; there's no beginning or end to that just total Jesus. my identity is in my eternal saviour not my earthly roles; brings so much freedom!" 
     {leah boden}

    there is no beginning & no end, no starting line or finish line to my satisfaction in Him. my satisfaction & fulfillment as a woman didn't start when i got married or had my first baby & it won't end when i inevitably become an empty nester. it always has been & always will be found in Him. 

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