pssst...wanna know a secret?

i'd like to blame my brief interruption in blogging on a little secret i've been trying ti keep. it wasn't for sure until Christmas eve {best Christmas gift yet!}.
and so without further adieu...
we're moving to a farm!
we're moving to a farm in ashton, texas!
just kidding... but we really are moving to a farm in ashton, ontario (about half an hour outside ottawa) & we could not be more excited!
it has been a life long dream for us to run our own organic hobby farm & we still can hardly believe that it's ours. it really feels like the Lord hand picked it for us. it is a restored 200 year old farm {which is weird because that means it wasn't actually built in Canada... at the time we were called the dominion or something}. with it's old pine floors, massive gardens, emerald roofs, open fields, climbing trees, screened in porches, creek & piggery... we instantly fell in love & felt weirdly at home. it's a homestead. a place where we can dig our roots down deep & flourish.
although it will be difficult to say good-bye to the house we've had our babies in, the maple tree in our front yard with the swing & all of the neighbours we care so deeply for, we know God's has been in it all & goes before & behind us.

thank-you Lord for your goodness overwhelms us. 


  1. Wow! I'm happy for you! I'm sure that it'll be the perfect place for you! I wish you the best! Sincerely, Nathalie

  2. Sarah, I have so enjoyed reading through your blog. It kind of felt like you were sitting here at my kitchen table having coffee with me the past hour making me laugh and cry. Thank you for being so transparent and honest! keep the posts a coming.
    Danielle Carabin

  3. Whoa so awesome! Can we come visit?? Sounds like so much fun! And lots of work... but mostly fun! :D