champagne & chattel chicks {spring is a sprung-ing}

livi & her harriot
guess what has arrived at the wilkins' already? our spring chicks! well, four of our spring chicks... the rest arrive next weekend. these beautes are our lavender orphingtons {a rare purple coloured laying/meat hen}. they are all snuggled into our living room here in downtown ottawa at the moment... much to jax' chagrin. we have yet to tell our poor realtor that four chickens now reside in the house. we are not exactly sure what will happen if we need to show the house before we can safely settle chicks in at the farm. but if the dogs didn't have such an infinity for the poor lil guys we would leave them in the car together... but something tells me jax may not be able to maintain his self-control. i'm sure we'll figure something out that will probably add some kind of comedic value to our current reality. ;)
eva & her chick 'sarah'
(named after mommy,
i'm so honoured!)

dav & fred

we had so hoped that we would have settled into the farm by now but alas it has been a bit of a battle. in my impatience i had repeatedly asked steve when he realistically thought we would get the keys to the farm and he said "well, i just don't want to count our chickens before they hatch" to which i replied "it's too late for that! the chickens have hatched & they are currently occupying our kitchen table!"our hope is sure that it won't be long now but the impatience of waiting for some rolling date always on the horizon can sometimes get the better of me. which is why we have such great covenant friends like b & pat who brought some pre-victory champagne over to celebrate the other night reminding our hearts & our hopes that we can taste what He's promised before it's in our actual legal possession. ;)
kai & his chick named #6

just singing away!
i have to remind myself of this every time the going gets tough or feels tough. i personally love having the chicks in the house. their incessant chirping reminds me that spring is actually here despite the icicles hanging from the eavestrough trying to convince me otherwise. i love listening to the twins singing to their chicks "so they will grow strong" or seeing livi perched off the couch watching the box full of her little friends or witnessing the strange gentleness that comes over each child as they cuddle their chick & the pride they hold each time "their" chick does something funny. there is certainly a lot of spring bustling inside this house currently... even if spring is taking it's dear sweet time outside.
their fully decorated pad... compliments
of eva (it wasn't even my idea, just walked
into the room & she had taped all those sweet
things to their box)

and so we will embrace this season of waiting too, while also tasting what's to come. living in this strange paradox of farm animals in the middle of city, with one foot in both worlds. the now & the not yet.

so hears to chicks & champagne beginnings!

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  1. Yes, amen. Yay for celebrating the promises before you've seen them fully take shape. Also, we can house chicks and crazy dogs for you if you need to show your house. Just truck them on over here.