home on the range.

we're slowly growing our little home on the range in preparation for moving to the farm {at the moment we have moved the animals to my mum's farm until we sell our house}.

this weekend my mom, dav, evie & i got up at 4:30am to make it to the annual 'fur & feather fair'. the kids were champs! even though it was pretty chilly & a ton of walking, my auntie & cousins kept us company as we picked out a few more things to add to their brood.
so meet the new additions!

my mum's pick... silverlace wyandotte pair.
meet beau & belle. we 're hoping they'll brood us a few more chicks to add to the flock.
beau & belle

the chickies... at $2 a chick who could resist! we got plymouth rock, easter eggers (they lay blue & green eggs) & a few more to add our chick count to 11.
seven...six' distant cousin

and my favourite purchase so far... the muskovy trio.
meet humphrey bogard, hepburn & henriette. they are collecting their eggs already to brood our first batch of meat ducks.
and our piglets & stud pig arrive in june.
so far we have churchill (in honour of winston churchill) picked out as our big daddy pig's name. we have two sow piglets to name as well. any suggestions for the girls?

and that's all for now. more additions to come. :)

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  1. Hey Sarah!
    I just have to say that it was a real joy having you come to our home. I am so sorry that I wasn't more social. For some reason, thinking it is my iron, I am really tired lately. I hope that didn't show as a disinterest in you coming. I was sad that we didn't get more time to talk. I would REALLY love to come and visit you and get a chance to REALLY catch up. I have soooo many questions and inquiries of how life is for you and what your testimony has been over the last several years.
    Would you mind sending your email again to adamjaimebaker@yahoo.com...I am not sure what happened but I don't seem to have many of my old contacts. I would love to keep in touch more often!
    Please say hi to Steve for us and give your mom a big hug for me....you both have such special spots in my heart.


    PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!