my favourite part of the day

since davith has just switched over to his big boy bed, my favourite part of the day is at the very end of the day. after all of the activity and hustle and bustle. after soaking all three, washing off of the mud, food, barf & poop. brushing those pearly whites. slathering them all with the wonderful scent of burts bees. putting on a fresh pairs of pj's for all (myself included). swaddling the twins in warm blankies and leaving them fast asleep cuddling together in their crib. crawling into a fresh bed with dav and li li after a long day and reading our favourite stories (wild about books, llama llama red pajama, on the night you were born, a turtle in the toliet). brushing his hair with my hand as he drifts off to sleep before i can crawl over the guard rail. the only sound to be heard in the house is three soothers being sucked to contentment... and taking a deep breath, grabbing my drink of choice & curling up on the couch with my best friend, my hubby!

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