a name is a name

i have loved naming all our kids - sometimes i wish we had 20 kids just because there are so many good names out there! my husband disagrees... with the 20 kids part!

but i have often heard it said that a name is a name which sounds just so uninspired. one of the first verses i memorized to speak over davith after he was born was isaiah 19:19 "i and the children the lord has given me have names that reveal the plans god almighty has for his people." And with that as my inspiration, let me introduce our three children...

davith benjamin "beloved son of the right hand": we love this name because it speak of the rich inheritance we have as god's beloved. davith is the welsh form of david. we have continually drawn life from the story of david in the bible as someone who ran to the battle line and worshipped god without abandon. this fits davith perfectly and is right in line with a prophetic word over his life about him being 'one that will go further'.

micaiah john emeth (kai) "who is like god? grace & truth, rejoice": there is a passage in revelations that talks about the pillars on either sides of god's thrown being grace and truth which i think is a perfect picture - the embrace of grace & sword of truth side by side. such an excellent cause to rejoice! he has been so gentle from the start rotating between crooked little grins and a furrowed brow. even his cry is gentle (well, at least compared to eva's). he will a quiet but bold strength, a strong but gentle man of god filled with deep wisdom.

eva joy nouvelle "new life & joy": well that one really speaks for herself. even in the womb, anytime we felt uncertain about the twins health, this feisty little girl would get all riled up, pole vaulting off my poor hips! her smile lights up her entire face. she will be an excellent testimony to what a new creation and new joy really is.

watch out world! here they come!

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