and still more awesome than i know... {a song diary}

"all that i have heard others say, all that i have found in books, all that i have written myself, seems savorless, dull, and heavy when compared with what faith has unfolded to me of the unspeakable riches of God and of Jesus Christ. Christ alone can reveal Himself to us. we toil and exercise our mind in reason and science, forgetting that therein we can see only a copy, while we neglect to gaze on the incomparable original. in the depths of our soul, God reveals Himself, if we but realized it, yet we will not look there for Him."
~ brother lawrence

and what can i say to the King, who is ever-knowing, ever-present, ever-pursuing? present in the ever pulsing movement of the day, present in the crumbly toast clenched toddler fingers, in the afternoon sigh, in weather worn farm feet, in a child's dimpled cheek, in a banana at the peak of ripeness. present everywhere. for how could i limit the limitless God to the confines of my own mind, my own understandings & experiences? after so long a betrothal to Him, i still am so humbled that i could ever behold all His awesomeness, all that He is in my awareness. and so i am bound by this love-struck journey to see my groom in all His fullness, in all His glory. what can i offer to my groom but the thanks of a humbled bride... for You are so satisfyingly enough for me and yet still more awesome than i know.
~ a humbled sister of brother lawrence

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