how He loves us {a song diary}

how he loves us {artist: kim walker, jesus culture}

the first time i heard this song was on the radio while i was driving home for the grocery store. i stopped the car and just balled and balled and balled. it just happens like that sometimes doesn't it? you're going about your day, minding your own business, and then God just breaks in & cuts right to the heart. i love you... through & through He says. without qualm, without hesitation. i love you He says, so many millions of ways throughout the day, but i am deafened to, numbed to by the droning of the day. and then He speaks, so loud, so undeniably. i love you. oh, how i need to hear this, need to soak in it's reality, in it's inevitability. i am His and He is mine. He will love me for longer than i can live. no matter how far i run, how long i hide, how hard i try to deny it or tell Him He shouldn't... He loves me. and that is a dangerous belief. dangerous because it changes everything. everything about me, everything around me, everything within me. it changes my past, my present & my future.

what an incredible account of the love of a Saviour for His saved. oh, how He loves me.

oh, how i love you Jesus.

just listen & behold the love of a father.

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