a spoon full of sugar...

we have been pretty strict on our kid's sugar intake. we try our very best to eliminate or avoid refined sugars at all costs & stick to more natural substitutes. having said that, while being pregnant especially, i have found it difficult to reduce my own refined sugar intake. that darn starbucks! those cravings are just soooo hard to ignore. so i do give in but have a few safe guards to help me not indulge.

sometimes pictures speak louder than words. these are a great motivator & perspective check. they also help clear up a few misconceptions like juice is like eating a piece of fruit. juice without the fibre a piece of actual fruit is just as bad as pop. as you can see from these pictures, a chocolate chip cookie has less sugar content {personally, i'd take the chocolate chip cookie over the juice but that could be the cravings talking again}. and don't let those added vitamins convince you otherwise.

these pictures are a creative way of showing sugar content.
4.2 gms = 1 teaspoon of sugar {each cube is a teaspoonful}
now they just need to do one with salt!

* thanks jo anne for these helpful reminders!

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