pajama style {small style}

i love pjs! especially on babies. maybe it's because of the indicative quiet time that ensues once three babies are finally wrestled into those one pieces or maybe it's just that they are so cuddly & smell so good at the end of a long day.

in any matter, i thought {small style} needed to include this necessary wardrobe item which no day is complete without. these are by no means my favourite pjs, they are just the shots that i could quickly catch before bed tonight. i will definitely have to do a second addition with my favourite pjs on them.

at the end of the day, after baths & lotion, they all tumble in
to the little room off of our bedroom where they play hard, rough-housing, until the moment before bed & stories. here are a few shots of those rockin' pjs & the rough-housing.

evie's pjs: george
kai's pjs: george, susu: mam
davith's pjs: joe fresh, susu: nuk

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