one eyed monsters {formerly known as 'toad in the holes'}

this is one of my favourite ways to eat eggs these days. i get tired of the traditional omelette, the fried or scrambled and certainly the boiled egg. eggs are an important source of vitamin D and other than fish, the only other source that has vitamin D naturally occurring. we need vitamin D to absorb calcium & protect us from chronic disease. they also are high in protein. i love eggs. when i was growing up my mom called these 'toad in the holes' but i recently heard someone call them 'one eyed monsters' which i thought was added motivation to get davith to devour this tasty breakfast or lazy dinner. here's the recipe:

  • With a slice of whole wheat bread, cut a circle or other shape out of the middle.
  • I was taught to butter both sides of the bread and put it on a hot griddle. However, I stopped doing that years ago. Just spray the pan with some cooking spray so your egg doesn’t stick, and it cooks just fine.
  • Crack an egg into the center of the bread slowly to keep the egg within the borders of your hole.
  • Flip to the other side.
  • After the egg whites are no longer runny, slide the 'one eyed monster' onto a plate. Use the center piece of bread to dip in the yolk.
* my 'one eyed monsters' looked pretty 'scary' to say the least & so i just copied this pic from google. the ones featured in the pic was only cooked on one side to keep the yoke looking pretty which works if you like your eggs more on the runny side. i used multigrain bread for extra fibre & nutrition.

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