joy warfare

i have been reading a lot of steve backlund lately & absolutely loving it.  it is life transforming, hope spinning, joy gestating, peace provoking, faith sparking revelation.  and i feel like i want to wade neck deep in it all! sinews & meat to dry bones!  it's part of what is taking so long to "unpack" from our trip to cuba. i just want to reveal in it, savour it, pour myself into it.  it's hard to articulate.  but i need to start somewhere, so here is my feeble attempt to articulating just what God has lavished with His grace on this heart...

in his book "let's just laugh at that", steve backlund confronts common lies that we believe that undermine & limit God's ability to work in our lives.  he encourages us to read the lie out loud & then laugh audibly at the laughable assumptions that follow it.  it feels a bit awkward at first, i know.  but something powerful happens when lies are exposed to the light.  psalms 2:4 says "God laughs in heaven".  He laughs at the futile, ridiculous plans of His enemies. the phrase "let's just laugh at that" has the ability to take the power out of demonic deceptions and set us free to truth.  in fact, we have to let go of something in order to laugh.  we let go of manipulation, bitterness, unbelief to name a few.

truth brings hope. "now may the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace in believing"{romans 15:13}.  truth renews our minds, transforms our future experience.  we don't need a new set of experiences as much as we need a new set of beliefs.  the flow of power & blessing is blocked when we believe lies.  and so, right believing will provoke a transformed experience in the promises of God.  it is also, important to ask "who told you that?" after declaring something contrary to God's perspective about our circumstances or our identity, just as God asked adam in the garden {genesis 3:11}.

and so here are some of the lies backlund confronts, axes to the root.  won't you join me in having a good hearty laugh... or cry & then laugh...

  • it's not my personality to be joyful or to laugh much
  • there are no solutions for this situation
  •  good things can't last
  • i am not physically attractive enough to be significant
  • fear of punishment is how God primarily motivates us
  • it's hopeless
  • i will always be sick
  • i am too old or young to make a difference or impact
  • i am a failure
  • i am not evangelistic 
  • i cannot fulfill my call because of the people in my life
  • i am not to worthy to be blessed
  • i am who my experience says i am
  • the greatest christians are those with public ministries
  • i am a disorganized person
  • in bad economic times it is unwise to have children
  • i will never loose this weight
  • my life is ruined by that decision i made
  • i cannot change
  • a curse is more powerful than a blessing
  • that relationship can never be healed or restored
  • i don't have any influence in this place
  • i am always stress in airports & traffic jams
  • if i am not popular, i am insignificant & a failure
  • because is don't shake or fall down, God must not be touching me
  • i am not spiritual enough to be used by God
  • higher-levels in God attract higher problem-causing devils
  • my expectations have nothing to do with experience
  • if my ministry does not appear successful, then it is not
  • nobody around here want to become a christian
  • i am not educated or smart enough
  • i do not have the gift of healing or miracles
  • money is the root of all evil
  • this area is spiritually hard ground
  • women should not expect to be as powerful as men
  • i need to walk in fear of the devil
  • i am too busy to do things right
  • it may work somewhere else, but it won't work here
  • i will never get out of debt
  • it is too late for this nation
  • one person cannot change the world
wow!  and that is the scaled down version.  it is amazing what you believe subconsciously & how much it can effect you.  for every single one of these, the opposite is true.  backlund details every one of these lies with the implied assumptions behind them, the actual truth, strategies for overcoming the lie & declarations to renew your mind.  it's like a polygraph test on your thinking to detect if you are enjoying the privilege of a renewed mind.  so take a good audit, a deep breath & laugh loud & long & clear... :)

"a joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones" {proverbs 17:22}
"but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that His day is coming" {psalm 37:13}
"and sarah said, 'God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh over me.'" {genesis 21:6}

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