burn like a fire in me

never before has letting go felt so good.  never has losing control looked so attractive.

there are moments, outside of real life, where God seemingly pauses time to highlight something.  this is one of those moments for me.  never have i been more aware of why i was created. for total surrender.  for His glory. because there is no other way but the way of total surrender.

and so it is with learning this path of total surrender, that we glory seekers find our truest pleasure in life.  we find Him on His throne, in His sanctuary.  sometimes, i get so caught up in asking God to come & fill my space, my sanctuary, that I forget, worship is also about entering His.

"Praise the Lord.  Praise Him in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens" {psalm 150:1}

and that is where this glory seeker has her eyes set now.  not just on pulling Him in all His glory down, but also ascending the mountain, climbing to the heavens to meet Him face to face.
burn like a fire in me.

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