blind obedience: part II

Children make the best theorists since they have not yet been educated into accepting our routine social practices as 'natural', and so insist in posing to those practices the most embarrassingly general and fundamental questions, regarding them with such wondering engagement, which we adults have long forgotten. Since they do not yet grasp our social practices as inevitable, they do not see why we might not do things differently.
- Terry Eagleton "Theory as Liberatory Practice"

after my recent shocking discovery, i got to thinking. what else have i just naively woven into the fabric of my life without question? i don't question out of a cynical spirit but out of a healthy desire for ownership & understanding of why i do the things i do and what the full picture looks like. i want to know where i am going & why. why do we break bread? how do i separate tradition & ritual from my concept of kingdom? what is water baptism? what is the baptism of the holy spirit? what is salvation? what is what do these concepts look like when they are brought to life in everyday life on both the macro level of international politics to the micro level of my toddler's dinner plate? i have suddenly come to the realization that i absolutely believe in these things as more than just dry concepts and as a life giving necessities, but i would struggle to articulate them to my two year old. it pushes one to probe deeper and own & understand it for oneself in such a way as to be able to expand the meaning of water baptism to bring insight on the global stage as well as to our bottom stair otherwise known as timeout. i am excited by the prospect that we have have not even begun to unpack or experience the reality of the revelation of the kingdom in all of it's fullness in the everyday life of the family. i feel like we're on the cusp of something big here. no more nice, christian families but powerful, thriving expressions of god's love on even the smallest, most mundane level. there are no mere homemakers. just strong, zealous citizens of the kingdom passionately making way for the king. it's the small being worked into the big, the yeast worked into the bread that causes it to rise. seeming little families effecting big change on the world's stage for the king & his kingdom.

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