sunday best {small style}

i'm sure every mother who has even an ounce of sentimentality has had that moment, as they are putting away boxes of clothes that have been grown out of. that moment, with just a touch of emotion, where you realize your baby is not a baby anymore. that moment, where you wish you had taken more pictures, documented their growth more thoroughly, captured those timeless memories forever. you can never take enough pictures to totally ease that moment of it's bittersweetness but here is a start...

i got this neat idea from my creative friend katie geranium. seeing as dressing babies is so much fun these day, double the fun now with the twins, {small style} is an funky way to capture some of those colourful memories that seem to slip by so easily. i never think to take pictures of the kids during the day, unless it is a special event, and so hopefully we'll get some more pictures of the fam at the same time.

here are the kids in their sunday best... this past sunday, steve was in peterborough preaching and so i got the kids ready myself... you can see how thrilled kai was to be hurriedly shoved into a onesie! evie, loves workin' that sunday dress & dav with a fresh scrape on his forehead from flinging himself off a kitchen chair, followed by a nice black eye from running into a wall {why do these things always happen 3 minutes before we leave for church?}

{davith's outfit}
shirt: children's place
shorts: joe
tie: gymboree

{kai's outfit}
onesie: george
capris: mexx

{evie's outfit}
dress: gap - a pinafore to another dress (i got it for $6 because the dress part was missing)
flower: ardene's (i just tied it tight at the back to fit her little head)

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  1. yay!
    love it, it has been really fun dressing up Isla too, but I have started to realize that I put her in a lot of the same things!
    It's helping me branch out a bit :)