a secret not so secret

i have been secretly blogging for some time now. not because i have anything to hide, but just because i have the freedom to and maybe, if i was honest with myself, because i was a little bit afraid. afraid of what others might think or conclude about my thoughts, or the way i chose to organize my family. the intention of this blog was never to offend anyone or to appear as an authority on anything, passing out judgment to anyone who reads. my intention has always been to encourage & equip, while helping myself articulate & think about the way i do life. things always look so different up close. to be intentional about my perspective & my everyday practice as well as to keep a little scrapbook for myself to look back on once my kids are grown. a little souvenir if you will. i just love being a mom... why not savour it by writing it down and relive it for many years to come. writing for me is like a long sigh in the middle of the day. a deep breath and long gaze.

so with a little courage in my step, it's officially the un-secret blog. thanks kate for the little push - your detective skills are commendable! and thanks to my cousin jaime, my one & only reader up to this point, who has set such a high standard with her own incredible blog!
i hope you enjoy and read as intended.


  1. yay!
    way to take the plunge Sarah!
    a blog is a great way to keep some memories and inspire others and start conversations.
    love it!


  2. You go girl!!!
    Love ya!
    Praying for you!