postpartum pampering

my last post on postpartum challenges had more of a 'how to help your mind' theme. i thought i would make a sequel post on a few things that i have found helped my body to cope. they are just a really simple collection of things that certainly haven't solved my challenges but have helped alleviate some of the yucky symptoms.

{floridix} a liquid iron supplement found at most health food stores. even if you are not low enough in iron for your doctor to notice, this will make a difference in your energy levels. i noticed a big increase of overall energy within a three hour period of taking my first dose. any woman who has been pregnant, has children or get their period regularly should at least give this a try. floridix has the highest absorption rate of any iron supplement currently on the market at 25% {compared to iron tablets which have an absorption rate of 2-10%}. for me this was a life changer to go from frumpy, sleepy, can't get out of bed mode to high energy, nesting, spring cleaning mode.

{water} especially if you take any supplement or medication, but also if your hormones are out of wack, drinking 2 litres of water a day will surely help. a big reason why hormones get all backed up in your system and make you a little loopy is because your liver is having a difficult time processing them all at the same time. so help that little liver out and give your system a good daily flush out. it will help with some of the more concentrated hormonal times.

{fennel tea} i have difficulty sleeping when my body is trying to process so much at the same time which only adds to the difficulty of mood swings & exhaustion from the hormones during the day. i have found some moderate success with fennel tea before bed. i don't have it every night but it helps ease you into a sleepy state. it works about 1 out of every two times i have taken it. if you have any tummy trouble, it can also be really helpful {i drank it every night while nursing kai who had a lot of gassy issues as a newborn}.

{immune boosters} i write this as i am surrounded by clouds of snotty kleenex. anytime my hormones spike i get sick, really sick, like cold or flu sick on top of feeling crappy. no fun. i found out from my midwife that is because your body becomes so preoccupied dealing with the extra hormones that it forgets about running your immune system. i always get sick when i am first pregnant and then again when i wean from nursing. so just be aware & wash you hands as often as possible. check out my previous blog post on immune boosters for some tips.

i'll let you know if i find any other tricks of the trade along my journeys but that's all for now!

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