beware...poop! {our potty training journey}

the view from the potty
*WARNING: this post contains a lot of poop, so if you are especially sensitive or queazy, beware!

this past week, we finally reached our goal of potty training! it has been a long, bumpy journey but we got there in the end!

we started potty training at the beginning of the summer just as dav was at the height of his irrational fear stage. so when his brother accidently pooped in the tub... it caused some issues with both the bath & pooping... and i don't blame him!  i had a few issues myself with pooping in the tub! this was untimely combined with our doctor recommending that we let the twins go o'natural as much as possible while outside to help avoid diaper rashes... which one can only imagine nearly gave our deck a rash! thank-goodness for garden hoses! poor davith!  after this little run of incidences, we put potty training on hold until our little poop phobia blew over.  

with the imminent arrival of baby #4, we thought we'd give it one last go... and to my surprise, it was so easy!  i really had my doubts that he would be potty trained before age 18! but we did it!  we chose to get away for a few days at the cottage and just get 'er done.  in the end the moral of the story is: when they're ready, they're ready... & there is no way around being ready.  and just in the nick of time too - baby is due in two weeks! potty training, check!

*more info: to potty train during our last attempt, we used the 1-3 day method from the babywise series which worked brilliantly for dav! it was a great resource for getting our own unique skew on potty training.

tips i want to remember for our second round of potty training are:

  • special "potty" activities: books, magnetic puzzles, tv time, white board with markers & apparently binoculars
  • just hunker down and get 'er done: choose a weekend where that is all you focus on
  • potty respite: plan to have hubby or family around to step in on the millionth trip to the potty
  • never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement: candies, praise, buttons... whatever works {avoid showing frustration}
  • don't pay any heed to what other kids are doing at your kids age... all kids are different & have different rates of readiness... don't try to make it happen, just let it happen when they are ready.

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