cottage wear {small style}

we have been spending lots of time at one of my favourite places in the world... the cottage! so i thought i would share some of our cottage stylin's.  one of the many reasons i love the cottage is because you really don't have to care what they wear.  just as long as it able to survive tromps in the mud with the bullfrogs & wild willy runs through the bushes.  it takes all the pressure off & saves a ton of time in the morning.

so here are some pics {usually i just dress them in onsies & let them free but this particular morning it was a little nippy so we layered}.

 {kai} jeans {joe}, long sleeved onesie {joe}

 {eva} onesie {carter's}, sweater {mexx}, jeans {children's place}
{molly moo cow} black spots {so last year}

 {davith} jeans {children's place *i love their jeans!}, t-shirt {children's place}, life jacket {mckinnon hand-me-down}

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